Lunar Mono

Sergey Kuzmishchev – a famous avant-jazz bass player, composer and poet.

The founder of the song project “Lunar," the producer and bass player of the jazz band ",” the bass player of "Atlantida Project."



The producer international music festivals: "Jazz-in-Goa" 2012, "Great Live Music" India, 2013, "Brodsky Drive" Russia 2015 & others



He has collaborated with such musicians as: Ian Ritchie, known for his performances in the Roger Waters Band, the band of the founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Mehandy Hasan, India, Villi Zimerman, Germany, Efrat Efrat Shapira, USA), Aus Ibrahim (Iraq), Imam Mashesh Sharma (Iran), Arvind Haldipur (India). Also with Russian musicians: Masha Makarova (Masha and Bears), M. Nekrasov, I. Shirokov, A. Chizhik, A. Kondakov, N. Sizov, and others.



LUNAR MONO One-man show One musician may be enough to create the drive.



Alone on stage. Many bass riffs, like beads, harmoniously strung on a rhythmic thread. Random phrases seem to be meaningless, but they make you listen. And then think. And then listen again to get it. Lunar has entered the phase of metamodernism and kitchen lyrics. However, it has not lost a bit of its drive.

The proof that one musician may sound louder than three. Sergei invented a new musical instrument with a unique sound for the project. A kind of an amphidiploid of ukulele, bass guitar, and an Arabic boa. A video project was created for the music. Film-chronicles, a look at the world through the eyes of a modern artist.

Sergey Kuzmishchev about the project: When a musician makes a sound, When an artist brushes the canvas, They and people around them Rest in a state of incomparable joy, Since in sound and color There is no place for you and the other, There is no place for extremes, There is no place for grief, strife, There is no place for the proud I.

Hospitality rider: Transfer from the hotel to the venue and back. Water, Coffee, Dinner.